At Dr. Croll’s office, we understand the vulnerability patient’s feel when exploring surgical enhancements or reductions. With your health at the forefront of every procedure, Dr. Croll and his team will explore the right course of treatment for whichever breast cosmetic surgery you choose.


Additionally, you can trust Dr. Croll to use the FDA-approved silicone or saline-filled implants to ensure the best breast implant option. You can also trust Dr. Croll to be with you every step of the way. From the surgery consultation to recovery, his team is here to make sure you receive the care you deserve.


If you’re looking to enhance your appearance through a breast augmentation, reduction or lift, call mid-Missouri’s premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Croll, today!


Breast augmentation (also known as augmentation mammaplasty) is a commonly performed procedure to improve the appearance of the breasts. The most common reasons for women to seek breast augmentation include desires to enlarge naturally small breasts, to restore the size and contour of their breasts after weight loss or childbirth, to improve symmetry of their breasts, and to improve overall self ­image and ­confidence. A consultation with Dr. Croll will allow you to discuss your goals and objectives with him. Together, you can decide what would be the best surgical plan and procedure to achieve your goals.



Excessively large breasts often present problems for women who have them. Common complaints include neck, back, and breast pain, difficulty exercising and finding appropriately fitting clothing, skin problems (especially in hot weather), and self­ consciousness and ­confidence issues. While insurance plans vary, breast reduction surgery is frequently covered by insurance. Dr. Croll will help you decide if this is an appropriate surgery for you, thoroughly discuss the potential benefits as well as the risks, and work with you and your insurance provider to determine if this would be a covered procedure by your insurance plan. Breast reduction surgery consistently ranks near or at the top when it comes to overall patient satisfaction from plastic surgical procedures.



Weight loss and normal bodily changes after pregnancy can cause a loss of volume and sagging of the breasts. Depending on your particular anatomy, several different surgical options are available to restore the breasts to a more natural and youthful appearance. Dr. Croll will discuss your particular anatomy and help you decide which of these options would be best for your anatomy and situation.