Are you looking to freshen up your appearance? Dr. Croll’s extensive knowledge in Botox and dermal fillers, could be an excellent start to achieving younger skin. Additionally, Dr. Croll adheres to the highest quality care when providing all cosmetic treatments and surgeries.


If you are looking to pursue a brow lift or eyelid surgery, Dr. Croll would love to consult you on the best path for your individual needs. Using cutting-edge technology and modern techniques, you can rely on Dr. Croll to provide the beautiful outcome you are searching for.


As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can rely on Dr. Croll’s expertise and ethical practices during treatment. There’s no need to travel outside of mid-Missouri for cosmetic surgery, let Dr. Croll and his team of medical professionals take care of you today!


The injection of Botox has become the most commonly utilized aesthetic procedure in the United States. With a long track record of safety and effectiveness, Botox has been proven to be a dependable tool for improving facial aesthetics. In properly selected patients, carefully and thoughtfully administered Botox can provides excellent aesthetic improvement, avoiding and frequently replacing surgical options. Dr. Croll personally carries out all patient evaluations and treatments himself for the best opportunity for success.



Normal aging, smoking, sun exposure and genetics all play a role in the development of natural facial wrinkles. Various techniques have been utilized to improve these wrinkles. Among the most common, widely utilized and successful techniques are the use of dermal fillers. A number of different products have been developed and are used to improve the appearance of these wrinkles, including Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and others. Dr. Croll will discuss these options with you and advise you when deciding which, if any, are right for you.



One of the most visible signs of aging is descent of the eye brows. This tends to give the face a fatigued, stern, dull or even angry look. This also commonly makes the upper eye lids appear full or heavy. There have been a number of techniques developed to correct and/or improve the appearance of a sagging brow and forehead. After a careful assessment of your individual aesthetics and situation, Dr. Croll will discuss the various options for potential improvement with you.



One of the most common complaints people have regarding their facial appearance is fullness or sagging of their eyelids, both upper and lower. Dr. Croll will examine these areas and thoroughly discuss your specific anatomic issues, including the pros and cons of the various surgical options, allowing you to make a truly informed decision regarding any possible surgical improvement.



Prominent or misshapen ears can cause a lack of self confidence for both children and adults. Various surgical procedures are available to address these anatomic issues that often give a dramatic improvement in both appearance and self ­confidence.